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TT:120 Baseboards

Create the base for a world of TT:120 and its TrakMat

Image: Hornby Magazine

Transform your model railway with our superior baseboards. At Baseboards.co, we specialise in manufacturing sturdy, reliable baseboards designed to elevate your layout.

Crafted from high-quality materials like 9mm African Marine Ply, our baseboards are lightweight, easy to pin, and built to last. Whether you prefer MDF, Birch Ply, or Eucalyptus Ply, we can customize your baseboard to suit your preference.

With our 75x20mm prepared timber frames that are both glued and screwed, rest assured that your baseboard will offer unmatched strength and stability. Plus, our baseboards come fully assembled and can be supplied with the Hornby TT:120 TrakMat stuckdown for added convenience.

Start your layout confidently with Baseboards.co – the reassuring way to build your model railway.

  • Hornby TrakMat TT:120
  • Adjustable Steel Leg System
  • Glued & Screwed
  • 9mm Birch Ply

flip top TT:120 Baseboard

  • Enables the baseboard to be stored flipped, recovering floor space
  • Baseboard can be easily moved on the fitted and braked casters
  • Supplied with Hornbys TT:120 TrakMat
  • Optional loco and rolling stock storage / display case
Flip top Base board

Hornby TT:120 TrakMat

This Hornby TT:120 TrakMat has been designed to be used with the Hornby TT:120 basic oval as well as all five extension packs

We have printed this Hornby TT:120 track mat with a matt laminate on vinyl, as recommended by Hornby, with a self-adhesive backing,

Available for purchase on its own for your own baseboards or use on your Table Top, or we can apply this directly to your new baseboard and, if required, lay the TT:120 oval and extension packs for you, with both DC or DCC wiring options.

Fold Away Baseboard

  • Fits over a single bed with a board size of 1830x1220mm
  • Freestanding, no need to attach to walls
  • Optional loco and rolling stock storage / display case

Baseboard with folding underframe

  • Enables the baseboard  legs to be retained on the board and easily folded away for storage, recovering floor space
Flip top Base board

folding Baseboards

  • Enables the baseboard to be folded in half and stored or transported easily

Steel Legs with adjustable feet as standard

  • Sturdy Steel Legs
  • Adjustable foot for easy levelling

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